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Simple Chakra Meditation

Simple Chakra Meditation to Raise your Vibration
This can be done sitting, standing or laying down any time you have at least five minute to yourself.  Remember don't over analyze.  Acknowledge then move on.
1)  Take a minute to center yourself.  Close your eyes and take three deep breaths.  In through your noise, filling your lungs, hold for three seconds, then let it all out.  As you exhale image any stress leaving your body. 
2)  When you are ready say to yourself "I call forth the Highest Healing Light of the Highest Healing Order.  I affirm that this light surrounds me."   (Call forth whatever your highest power is if you are uncomfortable with using the words "Highest Healing Light".  Just make it it's highest perfection.)
3)  Take a moment and feel the connection.  How does it feel?
4) Turn up the "wattage".  Make the light as bright, beautiful and vibrant as possible.
5)  Feel your energy fields quicken as this light fills your aura.
6)  Now perceive in thier perfection,
~ your Crown chakra
       ~ your 3rd Eye both front and back
       ~ your Through chakra front and back
       ~ your Heart chakra front and back
       ~ your 3rd chakra front and back
       ~ your 2nd chakra front and back
       ~ your Base chakra
7) Bring the beautiful healing light in through your clean clear Base chakra and up the spine cleaning and aligning the chakras as it travels to the crown and back out into your aura.
8)  Now bring the light back to your 3rd eye and back to your heart chakra.
9)  Feel everything click into place.  Notice how you feel and if you want to change anything, change it NOW.
10)  When you are done, give thanks to the beautiful bright light.  Take a deep breath in and slowly open your eyes.
11) Take a moment and notice how you feel.
             This is meant to be done quickly. 
             Don't get stuck in "negativity" or "denseness" of any chakra.
             Acknowledge and move on.
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